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Welcome to Verum Clutch,

We want to offer you a place where you can find almost everything concerning custom content like skins, mods, themes, DLC maps, custom maps, custom weapons and more for (unofficial) modified CoD titles (IW4, IW5, T5, T6). We have big plans and many ideas, some examples: Streaming Clan Wars with moderation and prices, a browser-based server list with advanced features, server promotion, seasonal servers with events and more but the future will decide which are feasible and which are not. At the moment our team consists of only two people and we would be very happy about your cooperation. If you have one of the skills listed below and are interested in our project, please contact us on our discord or by e-mail. Even if you can’t identify yourself with the skills listed below but still think you can help, please let us know your idea.

  • Web developer (PHP, JAVA, CSS, HTML)
  • Mod developer (IW4, IW5, T5, T6)
  • Map developer (IW4, IW5, T5, T6)
  • Text writer
  • Video Editor (VFX)
  • Graphics/Art Designer (GFX)

Steam Group: