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Verum Clutch was founded in 2014.
We mainly played Call of Duty and Counter-Strike but our main focus was always on Call of Duty. We discussed many ideas, realized projects and gave up some. Long time there was silence around us but we decided to realize a new project. Our vision is to reunite the Call of Duty community regarding modded clients like in the days of AlterIWnet and FourDeltaone. We would appreciate it if you support us in this. You are a content creator and want to share your Awesome work? (mods, themes, skins, maps, streaming, youtube) or just someone who wants to support us? Then contact us via the application email below.

  • EmDoubleyou Founder EmDoubleyou
  • EST3V4M Staff EST3V4M
  • Glitchex Developer Glitchex
  • Nght Graphic Designer Nght

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